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We conduct group discussions guided by trained youth moderators. We use these sessions to learn more about the opinions of the youth on designated topics, we then use these insights to provide strategic advice to our clients.

At BrandedYouth, we ensure we effectively extract in depth insights that otherwise would not have been available through standard surveys.


We hit the road on behalf of our clients showcasing services, products and brand messages. This is often done in sequence and occurs in a handful of cities where the objective is to increase brand awareness, product knowledge and youth initiatives.

This gives our clients an opportunity to spread their message in a more interactive format and reach youth they would have not been able to engage with.


A large segment of the youth we engage with comprises of students, those looking at different career paths post their education and eager to be exposed to different fields such as sciences, engineering, technology & entrepreneurship.

We connect our clients to these different high schools and tertiary institutions enabling them to showcase their student initiatives to an active audience.