Standard Bank Youth Expo

Headline Sponsor: Standard Bank

standard bank logoStandard Bank Youth Expo is a platform that facilitates engagement and interaction between brands/organizations and the youth market. More than just showcasing their services and products, the expo seeks empower the youth on an intellectual basis through exposing them to different initiatives targeting young people.

The main objective of the expo is to Engage, Educate & Empower young people and equip them to take an active role in economic, social and cultural spheres.

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The Youth Empowerment Conference

With high levels of unemployment across the African continent, young people are now venturing into creating jobs for themselves and their peers.

The youth empowerment conference is a platform whereby young people under the age of 35 who are doing extremely well in their respective industries, get to share some knowledge and expertise on how the youth can actively go about empowering themselves.


International Youth Cultural Exchange

A platform for African youth to showcase their creativity with the international community – ultimately connecting African and International youth through creativity.

The African continent is full of creative youth, however, their talent often goes unnoticed due to the lack of ideal platforms to showcase them. The International Youth Cultural Exchange is a 4-day event that brings youth from all over Africa to showcase their creativity with other youth from the international community.

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