Trendwatching & Bonin Bough Join 2015 Youth Marketing Strategy Conference

9 Feb 2015 Conferences 0 Comments

In what is set to be a great boost to the 2015 Youth Marketing Strategy Conference, Trendwatching has come on board to be a part of the 2015 conference. This, coupled with the world-renowned Bonin Bough, is set to catapult the 2015 conference to one of the must-go-to marketing conferences in Africa for 2015.

“Designed to be a platform for brands and marketing organisations to gain insights on the youth market for strategic marketing purposes”

The confirmed international speakers thus far are:

Henry Mason (UK): Managing Director of Trendwatching
Lola Pedro (Nigeria): Director at Trendwatching
Bonin Bough (USA): VP of Global Media & Consumer Engagement at Mondelez

The confirmed Local youth marketing agencies thus far are:

HDI Youth: Jason Levin – Managing Director
Youth Dynamix: Andrea Kraushaar – Research Director
BrandedYouth: Bradley Maseko – Founder & Youth Marketing Strategist



26 June 2015


Founder & Youth Marketing Strategist at BrandedYouth.

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